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About Us


Born From A Love Of Family Time


Mic check 1-2-3...

Hi, this is Mel and Alvi, owners of Perfectionist by Nature, coming to you from the very well known town of Surprise, Arizona!

We left our corporate world, working 9-5...more like our 9-9, looking for a better work/life balance for our family and now we work 24/7 in our business. We love it! It is our baby aside from our human and four-legged babies. 

A little more about Mel:

I'm a true foodie, entrepreneur-geek at heart and a world traveler enthusiast, who would love to see my kids enjoy and learn about the world through their own eyes. I'm also a self diagnosed OCD who likes to clean on a regular basis (like vacuum every single morning and night - but don't tell anyone, it's a secret!).

Perfectionist by Nature was born from a college final exam that took many years to see the light of day. Stuck at a very demanding corporate job, I decided it was time to give one of my business ideas a chance. 

A little more about Alvi:

Hello, I'm Alvi. I have a busy and fulfilling life as a wife and mother. I also love traveling and spending time with my kids. With two beautiful kids and a passion for travel, I've learned the importance of maintaining a clean and organized home. As a cleaning enthusiast, I take pride in the outcome of each and every home we clean. Seeing the joy and fresh feeling it brings to my clients is incredibly rewarding. 

So - are you ready to talk about life, travel and keeping your home clean? 

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Studies confirm: Simply being in a neat home makes 80% of people feel more relaxed, 60% feel less stressed, and 72% more productive.

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